is a scam company, founded and run by convicted felon, Matthew Brown, a securities law fraudster.  "IHUB" is famous for not only his securities fraud scandals, but also the trashing of micro cap companies to benefit naked short trading, and the pumping of stock prices, all in an attempt to manipulate the microcap securities market.  Here are just a few scams that Investors Hub is known for:


From my observation, and in my opinion, Investors Hub has created a perfect venue for the free and open operation of criminal stock manipulators who seek to swindle independent low-price stock investors out of their money. Investors Hub (or IHub, as it's called) allows organized groups to take over individual stock forums or message boards. They become forum 'moderators' with the unique ability to delete the posts of others. These groups then act as an organized conspiracy to push forward a single agenda designed to promote the stock, with the intent to get people to buy shares and cause the price to move in the direction they want. This process is generally referred to as a 'Pump & Dump' scheme. As the stock price moves to an extreme level, this 'group' then cranks up the volume and increases the intensity, further touting the finer points with a relentless stream of exaggerations and distortions and outright lies; that is called 'The Pump'. While they are doing this they quietly sell out their own shares and take their profit; that is called 'The Dump'. Selling their while urging others to buy more shares is highly dishonest, unethical, and immoral!

To some observers this activity can be very clearly seen. And if they try to counter-balance this activity by posting messages of comment or asking questions for verification of dubious claims, they are immediately disparaged, insulted, attacked, or falsely accused of wrong doing in order to undermine their credibility. In this way this treacherous fraud is allowed to continue and flourish. If they should persist and further complain or otherwise resist these attacks their posts are then deleted, one after another, under the ruse of being 'off topic', or several other feeble and superficial excuses. And complaining to the web site management does nothing more that cause them to further facilitate this fraud by actually censuring or banning the complainants. And ultimately banning them from the very forums where the activity is happening. In this way the complainers are silenced while the success of the perpetrators is guaranteed.

The interesting point of all of this is that these stock manipulators are invariably fee-paying members of the site. So IHub collects fees from this ongoing 'alleged' criminal activity. This must be why IHub management has not taken any action except to move to protect and facilitate this process. I maintain that these, so called, 'membership fees' are little more than veiled bribes to protect wrong doers, who are making substantial profit from this, while most shareholders suffer major losses. And this process repeats endlessly on many forums unrestrained 24/7/365. When the situation is viewed in its entirety, it can only be understood as a well-organized conspiracy to defraud the public, while operating in open view, under the protection of the IHub organization. This is organized crime.

Unfortunately, complaining to the authorities (SEC) does little good, as the standard response is that it is all the investor's fault for being involved in such low quality stocks. Caveat Emptor!



Investors hub is run by several market makers who fund their operations.

They pay the owner of the web site to censor any good info about a company while they short the stock.

Matt Brown a telly tubby look alike has something called Mod Squads that go around and do a communist style scrub of the board of any news that is true positive and those that go against the companies that pay them.

The reason some of you get the White Boot is that they track IP numbers and your MAC address as well. Your information is then sold to these market makers who call you to buy their stocks.

Its a nifty little scam they have going on. They make money by you subscribing to their self serving website you get booted off if they dont like what you say and if you are a dummy who sings their tune then they invite you into the club. The way the club works is that after they feel comfortable with you are offered the position of being a paid basher.

In other words your job is to bash a stock while the market makers (your employer via Investors Hub sell the stock short) How do I know all of this because I was a mod on this site and when this was offered to me in good conscience I could not do it.

When I asked them about this I was booted off and they assigned 15 bashers to the multiple boards where I was a mod or I held stock positions and they bashed the company and me to no end.

newark, New Jersey


I realize we don't have any bashers here, but as long as we invest in penny stocks, we have to deal with the effects they have on the stocks we hold shares in. I also feel that if investors in pennies want a fair shake, we need to find ways to fight back against the corruption and manipulation.

Here is an excerpt from another article.

story of insults and untruths involving a clutch of firms listed on AIM, London's junior stock market. According to the companies, they are victims of a kind of financial cyber-bullying in which discussions among investors on internet bulletin boards have turned abusive. Executives of the targeted companies, typically small and often in commodities, suspect an organized hand may be directing those behind the comments -- and then cashing in on the reaction.

The incidents expose a lack of effective regulation of investment chat boards as well as the huge impact anonymous posters can have on smaller companies and people's lives.

Another executive told Reuters that his company has found one individual posting defamatory comments using 22 different aliases. "We believe there is a network behind it that's trading and manipulating and they're using him as the front," says the executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the company is pursuing the investigation. "We want to get the bigger fish - otherwise we would have taken him down already

Nighthawk Energy, invested $30 million in its U.S.-based projects over the last financial year and was earlier this month rated a 'buy' by Goldman Sachs. Frustrated with a lack of action by Britain's market regulator, which says such cases are difficult to police and a low priority, Nighthawk, fellow AIM-listed oil explorer Nostra Terra and several other small companies have considered legal action against message board-posters, who typically use multiple aliases to disguise their identity. In rulings that have emboldened the companies, Britain's High Court granted orders to both Nighthawk and Nostra Terra this year giving them the right to order message boards to disclose the identities of those behind the disparaging remarks.

The boards Nighthawk and Nostra Terra have focused on in their legal challenges are ADVFN, or Advanced Financial Network, and iii, or Interactive Investor.

That's IHUB for those not familiar with the name.

The main message board dedicated to Nighthawk on ADVFN, which has seen about 100,000 posts since it was set up in March 2007, counted around 7,000 posts in June 2009 alone. Posters claimed Nighthawk had failed to find oil at its wells in Kansas and was set to have assets seized by U.S. authorities because of unpaid bills -- neither of which were true. At first, the Nighthawk share price showed signs of recovery, before slumping to 31 pence in mid-July, 2009. The stock price has continued to decline, and Bramhill announced his departure on September 29 2010. One post on ADVFN said: "Guess that what some folks wanted, right? Probably sick of all the abuse..."

Bramhill has not been the only target. Nostra Terra's Chief Executive Matt Lofgran, one of AIM's youngest chief executives at 34 years of age, recalls a similar experience. "At one point they insinuated I was a drunk driver," says Lofgran, who states categorically that he has never had a conviction for drunk driving. "It's not really what you want for a CEO of your company."

Rumors regularly circulate that company executives themselves even post comments. U.S. regulators investigated Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey for anonymous comments posted on a Yahoo forum from 1999 to 2006, in which he championed his company and disparaged a rival. Mackey conceded he had written the posts, but said he was simply defending his company against Whole Foods Market bashers. ... S520101122

I hope this type of information encourages visitors to use caution when reading post on other boards that pump or bash any stock without giving verifiable facts, especially boards that even claim in their tos that lying about a stock is not grounds for having a post deleted. Personally, there are "some" boards that I refuse to read or visit, simply because I don't want them to be able to "count" my reading posts as website traffic that will help them earn money from advertisers.

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By: sevenOdouble (offline) on Friday, June 03 2011 @ 04:51 AM CDT  

Hi Surplus,

You make valid points and its certainhly a plaque with all the (paid) bashing and manipulation going on.
We have seen our "fair" share on the other forum in regard to EVCA too. Like that NASCOW dude, when the stock traded in the .017-.022 area he posted every day with a constant stream of negative posts, and because he repeated his tactics people started to believe his nonsense. And now that the stock has fallen considerably he doesn't show up anymore,... Mission accomplished I guess!!

Last night I was reading on another board and some members alluded to a guy, that, when he comes on board the SP starts to tank, every time!
Quotes: "When Clay posted his video today, I knew we were doomed. Whenever Clay posts a video, the stock drops no matter what the name of the company is."
And: "Clay is a paid promoter IMO - he is summoned when a group needs to buy/sell. His 'support' and 'resistance' are just attempts to preprogram psychological trigger points among the traders and they trade accordingly. For the most part, it works."

Though sometimes its hard to make a difference between justified negative comments, soft bashing and deliberate fear mongering and psychological warfare.
Where do you draw the line eh? Those adequate at it can disguise their intentions very well and have a lot of tricks up their sleeves...

Although it bugs the hell out of me, but what can we do about it?! (except counter-attacking with facts)
There was definitely price manipulation going on with EVCA, like those days that there was far more buying then selling and yet the SP tanked 10%.
I've only two years of experience in the stock market and don't know all the ins & outs, but I would love to have some solid proof so we can combine forces to tackle them, and file a complaint with the SEC.

Its up to the politicians to come up with stringent laws to regulate the stock market... (forbid naked shorting etc)